Very informative homepage about dolphin therapy.
A charitable association which supports dolphin therapy worldwide. Families with special children will be supported by a national network of doctors and therapists for the medical post-treatment.
Dolphin supported therapy – science, contents and information about the thesis „dolphin supported therapy“. Possibility to order this thesis for a CD-ROM version.
Water Planet promotes a low impact eco-tourism management as an educational medium to marine wildlife conservation and protection. It also develops programs of self-improvement for adults and children through marine wildlife encounters in partnership with various therapeutic disciplines.
The charitable association „Delphin-Haus“ is involved in social projects to the topic „children and dolphins“ e.g. „dolphin house Croatia“, wholly centre for children and youth with special needs and „IDEAL-Dilo“, educational school concepts.
Intensive therapy by swimming with dolphins, riding camels, aquatic therapy and the fascination of the dessert are important parts of the whole concept.
Homepage of David Siegfried Dawids, which had his first healing dolphin contact after a car accident.
Association for arrangements and finance of therapy spots with Dr. David Nathanson, Dolphin Cove/Florida
Krim Dolphins informs about dolphin therapy and is the contact person in Germany for the State Oceanarium of the Krim/Ukraine. The organisations helps families in all questions concerning organisation, travel and accommodation.
Anja organises a charity programme for a multiple women, to finance a dolphin therapy in Florida.
The 5 year old boy Simon reports about his enormous experiences and results with dolphins.
This page is for Benny. He has exceptional kind of metabolic and autism symptoms. They are going to travel to visit DHT in Florida for a dolphin therapy.
Julia, (12 years old, 100% hardly handicapped) has been in 2002 in Florida, DHT. The therapy resulted great success, therefore she would like to go again as soon as possible.
Stephan is hardly obstructed boy. He is not able to do any thing in daily life by his own. He has a lack of immune system and many other accompanying symptoms.