Homepage of the famous musician and dolphin searcher Jim Nollman ( CD "Orcas Greatest Hits"; book: "The message of dolphins. Animals teach us to understand the nature”.
an other homepage of Jim Nollman
Science research of the communication between humans and dolphins. The head David Cole wrote several articles about the dolphin-effects on humans.
The Dolphin Society in Sydney/Australian researches about the communication between humans and dolphins. The head Olivia de Bergerac is the author of the book “The Dolphin Within. Awakening Human Potentials"
Homepage of Don Paris and Ilona Selke, author of the very excellent book "Weisheit der Delphine. Begegnung mit dem kosmischen Bewusstsein" („Wisdom of the dolphins. Contact with the cosmic consciousness“)
Dolphin Human Interaction Research is a science research programme of Steven Birch in Australia, which is concerned with the interaction of humans and dolphins in the dolphin therapy.
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Dr. Rupert Sheldrake describes the non-verbal communication between humans and animals and the mysterious skills of animals in the existence of a morphologic-genetic field. The scientist is the author of many books like "Das Gedächtnis der Natur" („The secret of nature“) and "Der 7. Sinn der Tiere" (“The seventh sense of animals”).