This is the homepage of the society of dolphin rescue (Monaco). They report about general risk, especially about fishing with driving nets, dolphinarium and about their own project. They offer newsletters as well as a dolphin sponsorship for their dolphin project in Peru.
A superb site from our Australian friends. Beautifully designed and full of interesting information.
an European-wide campaign against the use of LFAS (Low Frequency Active Sonar) – systems of the NATO in the oceans for the location of foreign submarines. The use of this system in military exercises resulted  several times a stranding of whales and dolphin in large numbers– last time on the Kanari Islands.
The Swiss Foundation FIRMM has been engaged for 6 years fort he protection of whales and dolphins in the area of the Strait of Gibraltar (Southern Spain).

An unique dolphin resort with connected „first aid area for stranded whales and dolphins in Morocco. This is a project of the swiss foundation FIRMM
This is a homepage of an excellent Whale Watching Web, set by Rauno Lauhakangas (Research Institute for High Energy Physics, University Helsinki/FIN) an the musician and inquirer for interspecies Jim Jim Nollman (USA)
Dolphin festival in Munich
The city of Malibu in California (USA) is world-wide the first town, which declared dolphins and whales as members of the town. On this web-page you will find the resolution of the city of Malibu.
The Thethys Research Institute researches in the Mediterranean Sea and offers as well as Volunteer programmes and Whale and Dolphin tours in Italy and Greece.
Tanja´s Whalepage: This page presents the personal engagement of a diver for protection of whales. Many facts and lovely assembled information.
This a homepage about dolphins with following topics. Several possibilities for whale watching in Europe, dolphin massacre on Färöer Islands, personal reports about dolphin contacts.
A personal web-page about dolphins and whales.
On this webpage you will find answers of many questions about dolphin (living habits, biology…). Further answers you will find on the webpage of International Dolphin Watch
Homepage of the International Dolphin Watch and its director Dr. Horace Dobbs; much information to the topic “dolphin and healing”.
Important homepage of the Sea protector and researcher Hardy Jones with reports and video clips about spinner dolphins, communications experiments with dolphins on the Bahamas, the annual dolphin massacre in Japan and the human protection by dolphins against hammer sharks a.s.o.
is a multicultural and polyglot project that responds to the vital need for communications between dolphin and whale recue teams, scientists, researchers and volunteers worldwide. Our goal is to maximize marine mammals`preservation success.
Photo-Gallery of the worldwide known dolphin photograph Daniel McCulloch
A webpage for all, who are concerned with marine mammals in business. Very interesting for further information the webpage "Strategies for pursuing a career in marine mammal science". You will find information about many questions, well-known books and literature and also programmes on University, jobs, financial support a.s.o.
Description of all whales and dolphins with german/english notes and pictures.